A Blessing for Haiti

Bless the planet’s shake.  Bless the earth’s quake.

Bless the sadness, sorrow and suffering.  Bless the fears and frustrations.  Bless the missing.  Bless the rescued.  Bless the rescuers.

Bless the temporary triage units and field hospitals. Bless the doctors without borders and the Israeli physicians practicing anonymous medicine.  Bless the supply lines and the security forces.

Bless the supply lines
And bless the helpers

Bless all that is broken.  Bless lives that have shattered.  Bless all the fractured bones and rubbled homes.  Bless the grieving and the mourning. Bless the empty places where loved ones used to be.  Bless what can never be replaced – ever.
Bless the begin again. 

Happy Meals for one and all
Bless will and determination.  Bless faith and fortitude.  Bless the helpers and bless the recipients. 
And, screw Rush Limbaugh and the Rev. Pat Robertson!

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