I remember sitting at my desk in sixth grade computing how old I would be in the year 2000.  I remember my father’s sudden death when he was 60 and wondering if I would be alive and live past that age.  I wonder if I will be invited to bless the Torah when Sammy J is called to the Torah on his Bar Mitzvah day five years from now.
One never knows for certain what a lifespan will amount to…one knows the beginning, that first date (1942), that’s all.
And I remember a good many of those 68 years of significant details, but not all.  I remember faces and a good number of names, but not all.  I remember many of the conflicts I lived thru, but not all.  I remember a multitude of images captured on film and in digital format, but not all.
Thank god for forgetfulness!  Some things are new again…
It’s time to bless the new day dawning and to praise each precious moment.
I wonder just how far I will go into the realm of “ginormous” numbers?

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